Taking Back Authority You Gave Greek Letters

I am an ex-Zeta

I am a former member of Zeta Phi Beta, the sister organization to Phi Beta Sigma.  And I grew up as a one God Apostolic Christian.  I am now truly a Daughter of Zion, serving the Most High God and his son, the Messiah. I became a member in November 1995.  I joined at a time when I stepped out on the Lord; I was not living for God; living in a heavily back-slidden state.    God restored me to salvation in 2002.  Through dreams, visions and my prayer life, the Lord showed me the fate of my eternity if I did not cut off my right "leg."

Before I go into the "leg" part of the story, I'd like to share that I truly had a difficult time internally in the beginning.  By beginning, I mean when I participated in my intake ritual that would make me full member after my underground pledging process what complete.  See, I had to kneel before an alter and repeat an oath or agree to some statements by saying, "I DO."  Although I was far from God, HE was not far from me.  I remember thinking, "What the h@!# am I saying??"  The whole set up crept me out and if my mother could be there, she would have said, "The Blood of JESUS" over and over again.  But I thought at that time, "After all of what I went through up to this point, I'll just deal with [it]" how I was currently feeling later.  Thirteen (13) years and two months later I finally dealt with it.

Back to the "leg":  My right leg has two brands on it representing Zeta - as many of you know markings, cutting or branding of the skin is an action of showing ownership; like slaves and cattle were branded or marked or pierced.  Zeta owned me.  God dealt with me being a Zeta for a very long time because I took my time responding to Him (like I have the rest of my life).  Between 2007 and 2008 the Holy Ghost revealed many things to me; one was that the symbols on my leg represented what I needed to cut off - Zeta.  TOO EASY!! I can cut that off easier than I can cut my leg off.

I was in a wonderful place in my career, my relationship, and I was even working on a national project that would go to the movies.  I desired to get closer to Lord during this time.  I wanted to hear His voice the way I used to.  I really was not interested in the sorority like I used to be and I resolved that I needed to understand why instead of just saying, "Oh I grew out of it."  It was crazy because I was THEE stepmsitress of the southeast, dance queen of the region, drew many interested persons, and the only issues I had was with my sorors and the same man and money.  I decided to go back into research mode on Greek lettered organizations and to find where in the Bible are they supported.  See, I needed a reason to stay; to keep the tags on my car; to keep Zeta on my list of achievements for my job.

A greater interest went into what one of Zeta's symbols is and why we use it.  Greeks have a deeper meaning to everything they say and everything they choose to symbolize their organizations; a cat and a dove.  The dove came with an explaination but why a cat? After diligent research, I learned that the half cat-half woman war goddess is the goddess that Zeta represents.  Her name is BASTET.  Sometimes showed as HATHOR (half-cow/half-woman). 

Now we did not bow to an image of Bastet or Hathor nor did we even have it in these current handbooks, but we did enough of the other stuff; we chanted that all of our LOVE/PEACE/HAPPINESS we're going to give to Zeta, and that I love my Z-Phi-B, and many other forms of praise and worship to the sorority. 

the community service we did was ALWAYS in the name of Zeta; NEVER in the name of Jesus.  Through many of the undergroud pledging we invoked spirits of arrogance, hostility and tolerance for non-sense from our own sorors but not from outsiders.  The greeting the pledgees had to say, says that the big sisters are our guiding force to the Zeta light. What?? Yes.  I realized I did not need much to see this is an idolatrous organization.

We oppressed people through underground pledging.  And if we did not participate, we still knew and let it happen.  And you know what?? In all of that research (which I did on the other organizations as well), I found NOTHING DEALING WITH CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES OR CHRIST.  NOTHING.  Nothing, I tell you; not in their principles, history, or songs.  We did not even pray together except to keep from getting kicked off the campus and at meetings; peanut butter & jelly prayers anyway.  It was all Egyptian Mysticism and some forms of humanism; but those who know this are more likely to be Masons or just be quiet.   This Supreme13 group knew this and they embraced it and has a website encourage you to do the same.  Click on the link above. 

Serving in an organization like this is ant-Bible to include the missing books.  Why?  It is idolatry at best.  At worst, during rituals it is a form of harmless, witchcraft.  Sounds like an oxymoron? Well I weighed my salvation against all of my findings.  Guess which won? I formally denounced in January 2009. 

You will find more information in the video series to the right called, "Real Talk." Just click on "VIDEOS" above.

In my research I learned many disturbing things about all 10 (yes there are 10) black greek lettered organizations and now this is the time I share these things with you so that you can weigh if denouncing /pledging/joining is what you want to do.  Please go to the "LINKS" section and click on any of the External Links to get help with your own personal research.  That's right!  Do not take my word for it.  RESEARCH.

Above all seek Jesus Christ for your guidance through His Word and your prayers. James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. Prayer is FREE and He won't tell your business!